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Promotes Natural Calm, 5 HTP with B Vitamins, Serotonin Supplement, Natural Sleep Aid, 5HTP Supplement for Mood Support, Revive 5HTP & Magnesium, 90 Capsules.
All Natural Depression and Anxiety supplement with Chelation for adrenal support.

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All Natural Liver Detox, Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Support, with Milk Thistle and Cinnamon Bark, Detox Cleanse, BP+D, 60 Capsules


A healthy heart leads to a lower risk of coming down with a variety of health problems. Help keep your blood pressure healthy and maintain it with the help of BP+D by Wake Up Sense. A capsule a day will give you the right support to keep your BP healthy.

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DK Ultra

DK Ultra is a chelated multivitamin supplement. Chelated vitamins can be readily metabolized by the body, unlike non-chelated vitamins that may block the absorption of other minerals. We ensure that your body gets the vitamins that it needs.

Vitamin Supplements, Vitamin D3, and K2, D3 and K2 Supplement, D3 Vitamins, K2 Vitamins, Health Supplements for Bone and Heart, D-K Ultra, 60 Capsules

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Natural Progesterone Cream

Progesterone Cream Supporting Hormone Balance for Men and Women, Andropause and Menopause Support, No Phenoxyethanol, Natural Progesterone Cream for Women and Men, 3.25oz

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******No Phenoxyethanol added. This is a very dangerous additive most companies add to the ingredients list.”******

Metabolic Correction: A Functional Explanation of Orthomolecular Medicine E-book

Metabolic Correction: A Functional Explanation of Orthomolecular Medicine

Before my “benzo days” (you will know what that means shortly if you don’t already), I was convinced the only way to stay on the fast track treadmill to success was to stay focused, stay numb to stress, and just push forward.

You see I lived under duress; it’s the mental training, the pre-conditioning of a “successful” commodity trader, so I was told. At the tender age of 23, I was put into an environment that exuded stress. In fact, after you are in that sweatbox, you actually can’t survive without it, it’s who you become...

Progesterone: Understanding the Most Misunderstood Hormone E-book

Progesterone: The Most Misunderstood Hormone Causing the Most Problems

Are you tired of the status quo with your health and are willing to go the extra steps, like I was, to heal (once and for all with RX drugs!) beyond your pharmacy or doctor's office? You see, as you may know already, Western Medicine is NOT about healing, it's simply a flawed system of trial and error based upon research done by drug companies. How do I know? Because I was on 4 classes of mental health medications before I found a different way. A natural and holistic way to heal like the human body was intended...


DK Ultra E-book

FINALLY- The TRUTH about Vitamin D. This is EXACTLY what you will find in this one of its kind FREE E-book that you will not find in your local doctor’s office or pharmacy.

BP+D E-book

How important are the letters B, P, and D to your overall health?




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