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All Natural Liver Detox, Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Support, with Milk Thistle and Cinnamon Bark, Detox Cleanse, BP+D, 60 Capsules


A healthy heart leads to a lower risk of coming down with a variety of health problems. Help keep your blood pressure healthy and maintain it with the help of BP+D by Wake Up Sense. A capsule a day will give you the right support to keep your BP healthy.

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  • AIDS IN LIVER DETOX – Keep your liver functioning at its peak with BP+D liver supplements. There are tons of liver detox cleanse in the market, but our liver detox supplement stands out. Take it every day for optimal results.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE – High blood pressure leads to more health issues. Taken daily, the BP+D blood pressure support supplement also acts as a blood sugar support to help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  • CONTAINS POWERFUL BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS – Milk Thistle is ideal liver support as it helps detox cleanse by flushing out toxins from the body. In contrast, Cinnamon supports the natural decrease of blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • MADE WITH YOUR BENEFITS IN MIND – We make our supplements in a well-maintained facility in the US. Our commitment to quality shows in our adherence to strict standards and the use of only top-quality ingredients.
  • EMPOWERMENT FOR HEALTH VIA EDUCATION – Get our ebook “How Important Are The Letters B, P and D to Your Overall Health?” with your order. Featuring critical details, it lets you know more about your BP compared to a 15-minute doctor visit coupled with a prescription.


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We provide you with an ebook when you order our BP+D supplement. Entitled "Blood Pressure: What is it?", it elaborates on essential topics related to Blood Pressure. Written by a leading naturopath, it features critical details you won't find elsewhere.


Cinnamon Bark, Milk Thistle 4:1 PE, Gelatin, Water


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