DK Ultra


DK Ultra is a chelated multivitamin supplement. Chelated vitamins can be readily metabolized by the body, unlike non-chelated vitamins that may block the absorption of other minerals. We ensure that your body gets the vitamins that it needs.

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  • HELPS KEEP YOUR BONES STRONG – Our supplement has a potent combination of Vitamin K2 with D3 that helps strengthen bones. It also has Vit D3 that absorbs the sun into the skin and Vitamin K2 binds the calcium into the bones.
  • PROMOTES OPTIMAL BODY FUNCTION – The organic vitamin d3 with k2 vitamins in our formula helps maintain by directing minerals to parts where they’re needed. Hence, it helps keep your body functioning at its peak.
  • EASILY ABSORBED BY YOUR BODY – K Ultra chelated organic vitamins are quickly absorbed and metabolized by your body. Unlike some supplements that may block absorption, ours lets your body absorb minerals well for optimal benefits.
  • MADE WITH YOUR HEALTH BENEFITS IN MIND – We made D-K Ultra health supplements with safe, topnotch ingredients in a well-maintained facility in the US. It has Vitamin K2 with D3 to support heart, bone, and immune health.
  • EMPOWERMENT FOR YOUR HEALTH VIA EDUCATION – An order of D-K Ultra comes with an ebook. It is a learning privilege that lets you know much more about your health compared to a 15-minute doctor visit, coupled with a prescription.


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An ebook is included together with your order. We believe that learning more about your health and how your body can heal itself is essential. You will learn more about Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2 and how it can help you!


At Wake Up Sense, we ensure that the product you receive is made of the highest quality ingredients. The vitamins that you receive have undergone several strict testings before being released. We believe that our customers deserve only the best and safest natural products.

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