Why Progesterone Cream


Progesterone – With all the misinformation surrounding supplements, new gimmicks to solve the next pain point in our bodies, and the overall confusion among the mass media surrounding who to trust in our medical system, it’s no wonder people want to give up and take medications.

When I started to build my health company from my internal suffering. I found out there is a whole secret society of healers that do not prescribe medications for depression and anxiety. Then I quickly found out why progesterone cream for instance?

No More Suffering

While I was suffering in silence, I have to admit, I had no idea what progesterone even was or how it affected my body.  It was a foreign concept to even think that a hormone had this much control over me.  After all, my doctor who prescribed by medications had no idea what it even meant, let alone how to help me understand it.

CreamQuickly, I was learning concepts that were so powerful to heal, yet so misunderstood and misdiagnosed by the medical mainstream. For instance, did you know that when a woman delivers a baby, she loses 95% of her progesterone that passes directly from the placenta to the baby?  And it’s this that causes 99% of the post-partum depression in women, NOT the loss of toxic estrogen (which a woman’s body never stops making).


Doctors will typically prescribe estrogen after a woman gives birth, without any scientific proof that it helps in any way, and in most cases, it only makes the post-partum depression even worse. Progesterone cream, on the other hand, if taken immediately after a woman’s hormones are rocked by the trauma to her body will start to recover her feel-good hormones almost overnight.

As I learned in my research, this cream is almost as important for men as it is for women. Today, we see so many men in this constant state of overwhelm from all the pressures of life. Most men, feel the everyday pressures of being the “alpha male”, that hunter-gatherer and the provider that can be damaging to a man’s mental health.

Road rage has skyrocketed in society and it’s from a lot of men walking around with a heightened level of adrenaline (an anger hormone!) that has never been diagnosed or dealt with properly. If you ask the question for men, why progesterone cream?  The answer is simple and has been right in front of us forever, yet goes completely unnoticed by the medical mainstream.

You see this cream lowers adrenaline in men and has a direct impact on their overall mood and adrenaline system. Most men are walking around today with so much excess adrenaline that they can’t focus, brain fog, and a host of other unexplained triggers to their body, again going completely ignored by medical doctors.

Wrap Up

Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing is on the cutting edge of this for both men and women.  Focusing on treating the root cause of symptoms, not just masking with more drugs or generic supplements.

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Happy woman!