What is in our Bundle


What is in our Bundle – When you create something that didn’t previously exist in the marketplace, there is a transition time from creation to mass adoption. So many questions arise and they must all be taken seriously and answered succinctly to increase the credibility and viability of the new process, products, and protocols.

Especially in the health arena, where there is so much misinformation and misleading folks into spending too much money, time, and resources on medical trial and error erroneous protocols.

Besides the normal questions, “Scott, why does my Doctor not know about this?” and “What makes your products so different than Big Pharma?”. The #1 question I get all the time is “What’s in our bundle?”.

The BundleVitamin D

The health bundle was created out of the sheer ignorance and rhetoric in the multi-billion-dollar supplement industry, which is almost as corrupt as the medical cartel pushing Big Pharma drugs.

You see, most supplements are nothing more than knock-offs or synthetic step sisters to big pharma’s drugging machine. They put inferior products in fancy marketing pill bottles, strap a large marketing budget behind, and voila they sell like hotcakes. But do they work? Do they actually enter the bloodstream and change the metabolic instance within the cells? Rarely.

The only kind of supplements that actually work to enhance, reproduce and build the immune and endocrine systems are orthomolecular structured supplements. They actually chelate (or absorb into the cells) into the body whereby it can be felt and changed over time.

Acute stagnation of nutrients is a very common occurrence with watered-down supplements as they do not actually penetrate the body. For instance, did you know Vitamin D (which in high doses of 10,000IU a day can stave off covid) cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream without a chelation element, in the form of the K2 (specifically form mk-7) vitamin? I bet you never heard that from your doctor or fancy Vit D advertisement on the 5 pm news?


pillsWhat’s in our bundle are the exact nutrients, in their synergistic form that can actually change the biochemistry in your body to reset back to homeostasis (or that healing state) so you can begin to feel more alive and well.

Consisting of clinical trial Revive, a chelated form of B vitamins, and methyl folate (a form of folic acid), this is the key element that releases the feel-good hormones and endorphins naturally occurring in the body.

Then we add high-dose progesterone cream to the bundle. This is the #1 missing hormone for women after they give birth to a child (95% passes through the placenta to the child) and the #1 missing hormone in men causing an anger hormone to be released called adrenaline. Road rage is rampant today from too many men releasing adrenaline and not knowing how to manage it.

We then top it off with a mix of Vitamin D (aforementioned above) with chelation and then a naturally occurring detoxification liver formula in consort with cinnamon bark and milk thistle (again in synergistic forms) to bring the body full circle to healing beyond the pharmacy once again.

In Conclusion

At Wake-Up Sense, we believe in a simple truth. The body is a complex, yet simple machine when it comes to nutrients needed to heal.

If you feed it what it needs it can heal but you must understand that there is a marked difference in store-bought (commercially made) supplements and science-backed orthomolecular products that we can prove the efficacy.

To your healing. www.wakeupsense.com/shop