What Having Anxiety Feels Like


What Having Anxiety Feels Like – Most of our 5 senses can easily recognize a stimulus right.   The smell of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, that smell of fresh-cut grass, and that campfire smell are undeniable. But there are just some things in life that are unexplainable and not easily recognized for the first time. I had no idea, until after a debilitating incident in my personal life in 2007, what having anxiety feels like.

On my 38th birthday, I had taken the day off from work and was going to enjoy the beautiful sunshine on this gorgeous fall day in October in the mountains of UTAH.

I was sitting in my favorite restaurant awaiting my sausage and eggs, reading the paper (yes people still do that) when all of the sudden the walls started closing in, my heart was beating at a pace I had never felt, and I started sweating profusely and was sure this was the day Scott met God at the gate.


Next thing I knew I was laying with my back inside of a booth with paramedics checking me from top to bottom.  I was sure I had a heart attack as I was not well but after exhaustive tests, they assured me my EKG and heart function was perfectly fine. I asked a lot of questions as it was very odd to me, those feelings I had just had that felt like a lifetime had dissipated but I now knew what having anxiety feels like.

Needless to say, my birthday was not spent outside hiking or enjoying the mountain fresh air of the Wasatch front, it was spent googling and checking on doctors to help me understand what the hell just happened in that restaurant? I was very scared. I thought for sure I had something seriously wrong with me and it all came on so fast.

The next few days were just as scary as I was in a job I didn’t like, the pressures of work seem to be mounting, and all Iphone a freind could find online was that any amount of added stress can bring on more anxiety and panic attacks without warning. Was this a warning from above to change my life?  Was this my wake-up call to start living more in the moment, rather than worrying about the moments ahead?


At the time, I thought I was happy, two young kids who I enjoyed immensely as being their father, a good job (even though it was stressful), and overall a good life to live. But what I found out was that I was living as a ticking time bomb, suppressing old habits, anger, and fear from my past that I had never come to grips with.

I was working harder to mask my inner feelings of despair from my childhood and I thought any diversion from dealing with my internalized fear and anger would just make it go away.  What I found out, was what anxiety feels like, up close and personal.  I can tell you from first-hand experience, it’s scary, it’s debilitating and it hurts.  It hurt the soul, it hurts your heart and it hurts your home life. Panic attacks and anxiety are feelings of despair, unexplained shakes, and tremors and usually lead to permanent depression if not properly dealt with.

In Conclusion

Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing can help you alleviate these symptoms, but more importantly, help you realize, you are NOT alone and our team of expert healers and online forum will show you, it’s NOT you that’s un-normal, it’s the population who ignores it.

If you are experiencing the feeling or signs of overwhelming Anxiety… Well hang up and call 911 now

Or if you need someone to talk to call Wake up Sense at 801-564-1167 or email scott@wakeupsense.com

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