What do I do if depression gets the best of me?

What do I do if depression gets the best of me

What do I do if depression gets the best of me – I was reading an article the other day about a lady who was sick and tired of being sick and tired from taking depression medications.  She had been on benzodiazepines and SSRIs for over 4 years and was not getting any better.  When she found me and my work, the first question she asked me was “What do I do if depression gets the best of me?”

Starting on the journey to healing

This was a very good question and I realized I had to step back and remember how bad it was for me when I was on these medications too. To answer her honestly and without reservations, I knew I had to be direct, straightforward, and not sugar-coat anything.

First and foremost, you must eliminate the toxicity in your life.  There are many forms of toxins, yet most people believe it’s only in their laundry or dish soap, when in reality it’s everywhere, all day every day. The list is exhaustive when you start to uncover the culprits.  Family drama, excess food being eaten that is packaged or boxed, over-bearing bosses, financial troubles, fear of getting covid and so many other life stressors.Smile vs. Depression

At the core of virtually all of them however are internalized fear, anger, or both.  Most depression starts with long-term ignorance of the toxicity you allow in your life over time.

Medications only mask symptoms

I remember when I was on 4 classes of medications,  was holding in so much anger from past experiences I had never dealt with that when I asked myself the question, “What do I do if depression gets the best of me?”  There were no answers that would help with this until I started at the core of the problems.  I was repressing so much fear and anger and it stemmed from allowing too much toxicity in my life.

Next, I was not taking care of what was going into my body.  I had no idea how many toxins I was ingesting daily.  From too many carbohydrates to too much sugar and not enough protein and fiber, I was a ticking time bomb of a nutrient-deficient existence. I started learning about cow’s milk and how it messes up your hormones.  I was learning how to eat clean and without packaged or boxed foods.

Nutrients are the key

I was learning how to cook with superfoods like quinoa, kale, and organic, grass-fed beef and stay away from GMOs (genetically modified organisms) that were in every package or box.

Smiles to goBelieve it or not, the biggest lesson I learned while going through and asking that question a thousand times, “What do I do when depression gets the best of me?” was learning how to breathe properly.

Yes, it’s a fact, most are never taught how to breathe and push oxygen throughout their body from the diaphragm, only how to breathe from the upper thoracic which is only from the neck up.

I learned the hard way over time that ignoring the signs of depression and anxiety will only make things worse.  This anger or fear sits in the soft tissue of your body and starts to break down the cellular structure of your DNA.

Your body keeps score

As I learned, it will manifest in your body somewhere with neuropathways to the brain.  This simply means that the body keeps score and whatever you are holding on to mentally will eventually come out in the body in pain, anxiety, headaches, or some other kind of annoyance.

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In conclusion

Dealing with depression takes many forms, a few of which we have discussed here in this blog. I know there are many more, but each individual needs to find their own path or method of managing depression. We also tend to cover up, or candy-coat many mental disorders, make no mistake this is a disorder, and it runs rampant and unchecked.

If you suffer from this or any other diseases, get help. Remember it starts with diet and nutrition. There are many reputable sources of information on this topic, Click Here.

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