What are the Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression

What are the signs of depression – I remember it like it was yesterday, but it was over 14 years ago,  googling feverishly on that esoteric phrase- “What are the signs of depression”? At that time, I had no idea I was living, suffering in the truth of the signs and symptoms that made up depression.  Unexplained fatigue, foggy brain, lack of focus, lack of sex drive, and the overall feeling that I wanted to be alone most of the time.

Isolation, as I learned much later was the first sign that permanent, long-term damage had been done to my brain and endogenous depression had set in.

You see, Medicine as I learned through my journey to healing beyond my pharmacy really did not even define depression properly, let alone treat it naturally.

Medical Depression

The medical community was behind this labeling masquerade of pandemic depression well before the sensationalized covid was ever a thing.  Now, I am not here to debate covid, but I am here to say medicine’s answers to most of today’s lingering problems are to create drugs that treat the symptoms rather than get to the root of the signs of depression.Self Medicate

It’s interesting when you dissect most other health problems that plague America today, they all can be lumped into a few groups.  Diagnosed and treatable (diabetes), Diagnosed and untreatable (stage 4 cancer), undiagnosed, and undiagnosed, and ignorance of the treatment- Depression.

Signs of Depression

When I went down my research path to find the truth in healing when I was depressed and on medications, I was certain I would find the answer “what are the signs of depression”? What I found were a lot of lies, mistruths, misdirection, and outright manipulation.

There are two distinct types of depression, situational and endogenous.  A job loss, a divorce, and money problems are all signs of situational depression, but what happens when your entire endocrine system and biochemistry within the brain have changed and you now have endogenous (change of chemistry in the brain)?

Well, no amount of synthetic drug, produced in a lab will ever heal endogenous depression but science will.  There are chemical reactors in the brain like serotonin, melatonin, and feel-good hormones like endorphins that have to be in alignment for you to “feel” good.

How to Heal

What I found was I was asking the wrong question on my path to healing.  The question wasn’t “what are the signs of depression”?  The question I was seeking as my body was already telling me the signs, I was searching for the all-natural ways to alleviate my depression symptoms without toxicity.

AvoidanceI found those answers after many months of healing my own body through the elimination of food build-up in my organs, feeding my body with supplementation that it was severely devoid of, and most importantly, removing the toxicity in my personal life.

Have you ever wondered where most of the poison in your life comes from?  I have found, in most cases, it’s right in your own family.    They need to set boundaries with their energy-sucking families and or friends.  People have no idea how the mind/body syndrome works.  With Wake Up Sense Holistic, and our online program with self-help videos and our supplementation, this can change quickly.   In talking to our doctors one on one during our live Q+A sessions, you can finally live beyond your pharmacy.

In Conclusion

Removal of harmful foods or painful friends or family members from your sphere of influence can directly affect your psyche.

If you need help or advice with either of these please contact Scott directly at Scott@wakeupsense.com for more information.