Wellness Trial Bundle

Wellness Trial Bundle

Wellness Trial Bundle – There are a 2 billion dollars per year industry that goes un-noticed and pumps out dollar signs faster than a first-round NFL quarterback.  I found this out the hard way in my journey towards health and healing after my bout with depression and anxiety before starting Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing.

The health supplement industry and all its corruption and misdirection are precisely why I implemented the WakeUp Sense Wellness trial bundle.

Science in healing, unlike the trial/error drugging machine of Big Pharma and the generic supplement industry, is the reason so many are healing beyond their pharmacy. When I began my research into orthomolecular science (cellular penetration of nutrients to repair your body), I quickly realized how easy it was for fancy marketing and hype to enter into the health food stores.

As an example, take Vitamin D for instance.  Put up a fancy advertisement stating we all are deficient in this misunderstood Vitamin and voila Whole Foods or Sprouts will see a huge surge in sales. But with any hoax, there is the truth behind the scenes. Did you know Vitamin D, by its very nature cannot be synthesized by the body without a chelation element (penetrated in the cells)?

Yes, that’s the truth in science.  Vitamin D must have a chelation element in the form of Mk-7, specific form Mk-2 to penetrate the cells of the body properly and to have any effect on increasing vitamin D levels on blood serum tests. To be clear our Trial bundle, which includes 4 proprietary and chelated formulas were created to help alleviate symptoms, instead of masking them or causing more side effects like most Big Pharma drugs or generic supplements.  Did you know, most knock-off supplements are owned by subsidiary companies of Big Pharma!

Wellness Trial BundleFour balanced

At Wake Up Sense, all of our 4 products will make you feel alive and well again, and we can prove by lab results! First, it’s our proprietary and flagship product, all-natural Progesterone cream, without dangerous phenoxyethanol (which most ALL commercial creams have) that is the #1 cream used to alleviate symptoms of menopause, post-partum depression in women, and lower adrenaline in men.

Second, our clinical trial Revive, is the one supplement that works on the serotonin levels naturally and effectively with all-natural methyl folate, in the form of folic acid.

This is crucial for proper absorption of the B vitamins in the right synergistic form to feel alive and well.  This was developed by a top-tier scientist.

Third, we have our chelated BP+D formula that simultaneously alleviates liver toxicity (most people have a toxic liver but don’t know it) and lowers Blood Pressure naturally.  As a 4:1 ratio mix of cinnamon and milk thistle, this packs a punch to help you feel more alert and lower liver enzyme levels.

Lastly, our Vit D, as DK Ultra is the only vitamin D on the market that has the proper amount of Mk-7, in form of Mk2 to chelate and absorb into the bloodstream to feel the difference.

In Conclusion

We take healing and alleviating symptoms very seriously at WakeUp Sense.

Scott (CEO and founder) suffered in silence for far too long.  If you are suffering, make 2022 your year to see the healing beyond your pharmacy.

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