Test for Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D – There is oten a great deal of much confusion surrounding items and ideas related to our health. Medical misdirections, medical cartels (with perhaps little regard for actual healing), insurance fraud, and a questionable information are just a few of the problems we face heading into 2022. We all know our #1 asset is our health, not our bank account (or we should know this), but there is a void in our medical system that separates fact from fiction.

Deficiencies are everywhere today, especially when it comes to nutrients our bodies must have to perform well.

Vitamin D is an example. Vitamin D is a very misunderstood nutrient, but did you know there is a 100% accurate test for Vitamin D that will prove how vital it is?

Imagine if you had a few million-dollar advertising budgets, access to TV airtime, and had a generic Vitamin D capsule to sell to the people. Could you sell it? Of course, by the thousands. Why? People do not know the truth. What they know is based on advertisement. However, the advertisement is meant to sell the product above all else.

Vitamin D

Let’s examine the truth about Vitamin D so you can feel confident when you buy this crucial nutrient for your body. Science is factual, it’s predictable and does not lie or misdirect. Vitamin D, by its very nature, cannot be synthesized (absorbed and used) in the human body without a chelation element. It is possible that your doctor never told you this. The easiest way to think about chelation is to analyze gas and oil in an automobile.Pills

Gas runs the car of course, but you also need oil. The car will not run for long even with a full tank of gas without oil. The oil is just as important to the performance of the car as the gas.

Unfortunately, selling one item without the complementary and necessary secondary item is exactly what is happening with our misleading two billion dollar health supplements industry. Some products are inferior yet are sold to millions of people.

Vitamin D, by its very nature and molecular structure, must be combined and chelated (absorbed with) with another element to have any ability to enter the cells of the body. K-2, in the form of Mk-7 nutrients, are the only elements that combine with Vitamin D to enter the bloodstream properly and be recognized on a blood test for Vitamin D deficiencies.


About 78% of people over the age of 40 are Vitamin D deficient. With Global warming, it’s just not possible to get enough Vitamin D from the sun so we must supplement with food and other “science-backed nutrients”. The Vitamin D from Wake Up Sense is the ONLY chelated and science-backed supplement that has the proper elements and can be proven by blood work right off of our site without the need for a doctor approval or insurance corruption.

PillsAll of this information has been around for decades but has been covered up or overlooked by the medical industry as quackery.

I think most are awakening now to the truth in healing and realizing the quackery is more about prescribing Big Pharma drugs without any regard to side effects or actual documents based in science to back up their claims.


In Conclusion

When I was on my 4 classes of medications, well over 14 years ago, I had no idea just how important Vitamin D was to the brain, heart, and endocrine system. So many are walking around with symptoms, taking their doctor’s advice to supplement with D but they are throwing money out the window if that Vitamin D does not have a way to enter the body!

All the fancy marketing, cheap knock offs and sales gimmicks will never change science in healing.

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