Signs of Anxiety and Depression

anxiety and depression

Signs of Anxiety and Depression – Without a playbook, manual, or logbook to follow on the path of life, it is almost impossible to see depression and anxiety coming.  In today’s irrational, instant gratification world, we are all faced with pressures and harsh realities that we are not accustomed to handling.

The signs of anxiety and depression can be so subtle at times, yet so crippling on other occasions that it rocks our entire world without notice. When we are in our youth and those impressionable years, something as simple as losing a cat or watching your childhood friend fall out of a tree can be a traumatic event.

As a youth, we are just not equipped to handle stress and life’s harsh moments that are bestowed upon us without notice. As we age into teen years, the pressures mount and we begin to bury or repress our emotions and feelings about school, time constraints, peer pressure, and a host of other pre-adult situations.

You can be happy again

HappyThroughout this time of life into our teen years, we don’t ever learn a skill or tool to help deal with our innate feelings of despair, loneliness, abandonment (from divorce for instance), or grief. This is usually when the signs of depression and anxiety start.  It can manifest in several ways, including a simple melancholy day, wanting to stay in on a beautiful Saturday when your friends are all playing ball, or simply setting on the deck staring into the woods. The gross effect of all of this is that we begin a learned response of internalized fear, anger, or both and this begins the pattern of depressive episodes that can come out of nowhere as we age into adulthood.

Our bodies hold, repress, and bury the negative feelings that happen over time, and by the time we are well into adulthood, we act machine-like burying all the negative feelings associated with our daily stressors of a job, marriage, children, or financial hardships.

At some point, our bodies shift from a situational depressive mode to a more endogenous (permanent) mood whereby the actual neurons in our brains have changed over time due to our repressed negative thinking patterns. Our serotonin levels change as well as our feel-good neurons that have been damaged throughout our lives and biochemistry within our bodies begin to manifest into damaging and sometimes permanent signs of depression. Foggy brain, unexplained anger, isolationism, light-headedness, and feelings of despair begin to take over and it’s our body’s way of screaming out HELP!

Thankfully, over time, there is a proven modality of healing that has helped thousands of people alleviate the pain and anguish associated with their depression and anxiety.

Wrap Up

Orthomolecular science, which is the adaption of cellular nutrients penetrated the cells of the body naturally and without toxic drugs has proven over and over that people can and do heal from depression once and for all.

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