Reasons to have a healthy heart

Healthy Heart

Reasons to have a healthy heart  – When I was suffering in silence from depression and anxiety well over 16 years ago, I had no idea how this was affecting every organ of my body.  Just like a well-oiled machine, the body must be hitting on all cylinders to be optimal. As I uncovered in my 7-year long journey back to health (without medications), there are several reasons to have a healthy heart.

The body, at its very core, is a cell.  It must be fed nutrients, along with good air quality, all-natural food, and most importantly, good clean water. As I learned throughout my quest to find the truth in healing beyond my pharmacy, what I sought innately was the building blocks to health and how they all worked together.

I can tell you firsthand, that magic health compass does NOT exist in Western Medicine.  I had to dig deep to find the answers.  I started with science and fancy terms like orthomolecular medicine to uncover what had been hidden from the mainstream by the Big Pharma money printing machine.

Healthy Heart

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe all doctors are bad or everyone who works for a pharmaceutical company is corrupt, I just now know most are not trained in nutritional and functional medicine, only research done by drug companies and synthesized drugs in a lab to push pills through a medical system.

Our medical system and the cardiologist of the world in my humble opinion do not treat the heart for what it is (a muscle), rather a beating machine that they constantly use a trial/error method of repair through drugs, surgeries, and false advertising with statin and cholesterol marketing hype.

Hoax or No? Shopping

Did you know for the heart to perform optimally with the proper beats, it must have more cholesterol, not less?  The entire hoax of comparing and falsifying fictitious LDL and HDL levels was nothing more than creating a disease of lowering cholesterol to sell drugs.

There are two elements to the heart and there are reasons to have and keep a healthy heart by understanding these two elements in unison. The first is the mechanical side of the heart.  How it beats, the valves (mechanisms internal), the pumping action, and the overall machine it is to pump blood throughout the body.

Then, there is the electrical side of the heart (that most doctors ignore or don’t understand) which is directly affected by the lack of nutrients over time to the heart muscle itself. What do you think would happen to your pectoral or bicep muscles if a weight lifter pounded barbells every day for 20 years yet never ingested protein, eggs, or lean meat?  The muscle would ultimately break down and fail right.

Well, it’s the same with the heart muscle. The true cause of heart disease, more often than not (assuming one does not have a valve leak or mechanical problem of the pumping of the heart) is beriberi of the heart, a lack of B vitamins in a synergistic form along with chelation elements to drive nutrients to the heart to keep it pumping normally.

If doctors were trained to use this understanding and proper nutrition protocols, there would be a drastic drop in heart disease cases and cardiac arrest overall.

In Conclusion

The reasons to have a healthy heart are simple.  If your heart is not optimal, your brain isn’t optimal. If your brain is struggling with brain fog, lack of interest in the things you used to enjoy, your heart is suffering in silence. I suffered for 9 long years before I found the answers.

You can find your answers too!  Follow us and follow the movement to heal beyond your pharmacy.

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