PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


PTSD – With the news media fixated on all the negative happening in the world and our brains wired for normalcy, repetition, and balance, it can be a real battle to navigate our lives in harmony. We all have fear, anger, and anxiety sitting in the soft tissue of our bodies and cells, but do we truly understand the depths of it and how it affects our everyday lives and decisions?


I used to think PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) was only for wartime veterans who fought on the front lines, but the reality is that most of us are dealing with the same manifestations in our bodies that combat veterans are.

You see when we are kids, we may lose a dog or a cat or someone close to us, and that in and of itself triggers neuropathways in the brain that begin to suppress or bury that hurt.  When we are kids, we are not yet equipped mentally to heal properly in the stages of loss.

As we age and go through even more hurt, loss or sadness from all the pressures of life we tend to bury even more of our hurt because we think it’s just normal life and we have to deal with it.  Man up, take your lumps and keep moving is the motto.Trauma


When we become adults with jobs, financial pressures, time constraints, raising kids, marital issues, and all that comes with being a responsible adult, traumatic stress can rear its ugly head without a moment notice and could have been triggered and layered on top of past emotions you never dealt with.  This is the pattern of today’s societal PTSD that no one talks about.  Wake Up Sense does and it is time to break the silence of so many dealing with this issue without tools, products, and protocols naturally to help them.

Our brains are complex neuropathways that are nothing more than roadways and bridges of emotions that we constantly have to put somewhere, like an invisible puzzle where pieces must be assembled to keep us in a balanced state.

My best friend from high school was hurt in a desert storm back in the early ’90s, shattering two hips in combat pulling a fellow marine into a tank that was being shot at.  Being in his early 50’s now, I can tell you this man had years and years of repressed emotional scars from seeing things that a human is not equipped to visualize.  As I learned from him, once a marine, always a marine, and the mechanism mentality they give you in combat training is not part of humanity, it’s a mechanism to destroy if the situation warrants it.

He had severe Post Traumatic Stress syndrome daily and had absolutely no idea how to function in the real world coming back from Iraq.   I saw him years later for the first time after High School and I was looking at a beat-up machine, not the playful, vibrant young man I knew from our youth.

Wrap Up

Today’s medical system fails miserably at helping not only wartime vets, but people living in the everyday mash-up of emotional trauma from shootings, beatings, social unrest, Covid 19 ramifications, and deaths. We have become a society of reactivity to all the negativity in the world.  Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing things a little differently.

Using modern-day, all-natural supplementation, board-certified protocols, and intense online psychotherapy and lab work, we have become the #1 choice for helping ALL PTSD sufferers who want to finally live again beyond their pharmacy.

Contact us. Then see for yourself how many we’ve helped. Or visit the VA at to learn more about PTSD

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