Progesterone Cream, Why it works so well


Progesterone Cream, Why it works so well – I don’t think there is a more misunderstood hormone in the human body than progesterone. Just the mere mention of the word conjures up questions, confusion, and a continued halo of falsities within human consciousness. This highly misunderstood hormone causes the most problems.

It’s even more esoteric when you consider according to most “educated” health care professionals, while we prescribe and treat women with perimenopause and menopausal symptoms, just as many men suffer from adrenal dominance, causing a host of hormone problems directly related to, yes you guessed it, Progesterone.

Progesterone Cream

Our hope and goal with this short, but succinct and cut-to-the-chase type guide is to empower and enhance ALL people suffering from hormone imbalances while using our all-natural progesterone cream.Baby

Progesterone is a hormone made by men and women. It is a very specific molecule made in women primarily by the ovary and men by the testes. Cholesterol serves as the building block of all steroids and is vital for their production. The outpouring and usage of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs in the 21st century has blocked the body’s natural ability for normal cholesterol availability which has led to serious deficiencies in progesterone.

There are receptors for progesterone essentially in every tissue of the body from nerves to brain cells to thyroid cells to muscle cells, fat cells, and of course the breasts, the uterus, and the ovary. Dr. Raymond Peat, a P.H.D from Oregon, was and still is a pioneer of progesterone since 1968. He, along with the likes of Dr. Michael Platt from CA have helped thousands of men and woman balance their hormones naturally while eliminating their need for synthetic drugs and a largely misinformed western medicine paradigm.

How it works

Sixty years ago, progesterone was found to be the main hormone produced by the ovaries. Since it was necessary for fertility and for maintaining a healthy pregnancy, it was called the “pro-gestational hormone,” and its name sometimes leads people to think that it isn’t needed when you don’t want to get pregnant.

One of the most important hormones in the human body

It is the most protective hormone the body produces, and the large amounts that are produced during pregnancy result from the developing baby’s need for protection from the stressful environment. Normally, the brain contains a very high concentration of progesterone, reflecting its protective function for that most important organ. The thymus gland, the key organ of our immune system, is also profoundly dependent on progesterone.

CreamsIn experiments, progesterone was found to be the basic hormone of adaptation and resistance to stress. The adrenal glands use it to produce their anti-stress hormones, and when there is enough progesterone they don’t have to produce the potentially harmful cortisol. In a progesterone deficiency, we produce too much cortisol, and excessive cortisol causes osteoporosis, aging of the skin, damage to brain cells, and the accumulation of fat, especially on the back and abdomen.

Experiments have shown that progesterone relieves anxiety, improves memory, protects brain cells, and even prevents epileptic seizures. It promotes respiration and has been used to correct emphysema. In the circulatory system, it prevents bulging veins by increasing the tone of blood vessels and improves the efficiency of the heart. It reverses many of the signs of aging in the skin and promotes healthy bone growth. It can relieve many types of arthritis and helps a variety of immunological problems.

Wake Up Sense Progesterone Cream

Wake Up Sense progesterone cream does NOT carry any harmful additives, such as phenoxyethanol. This dangerous commercial additive is something they put in gas tanks in vehicles so it should NOT be used in your body. Most creams and lotions sold in stores contain this additive so start looking, it could save your hormones and ultimately your life!

Our progesterone cream is a USP, fruit-based, non-toxic progesterone that has helped thousands of men and women heal.

Menopausal women, perimenopause, and women who’ve recently had a baby are severely devoid of progesterone and they should supplement immediately. This is WHY we hear so many times after people find Wake Up Sense. “Why doesn’t my doctor know about this? Well, it’s simple, doctors are not trained in hormone therapies normally, nor are they trained in proper nutrition and hormone balancing.

In Conclusion

Wake Up Sense holistic healing can help you live beyond your pharmacy! Not just life beyond a pharmacy, but life better lived. Do not fall for the story of medicine alone, look at what the body had evolved to use and protection of both a fetus and brain.

Contact WUS Today for an educational book about this and many more of our products. Or reach out for an independent source of information on the value to your body of… Progesterone.

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