Progesterone: Understanding the Most Misunderstood Hormone E-book


Progesterone: The Most Misunderstood Hormone Causing the Most Problems

Are you tired of the status quo with your health and are willing to go the extra steps, like I was, to heal (once and for all with RX drugs!) beyond your pharmacy or doctor’s office? You see, as you may know already, Western Medicine is NOT about healing, it’s simply a flawed system of trial and error based upon research done by drug companies. How do I know? Because I was on 4 classes of mental health medications before I found a different way. A natural and holistic way to heal like the human body was intended…


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Table of Contents

Introduction… 4

The Most Misunderstood Hormone Causing the Most Problems… 5

Progesterone Information… 6

Progesterone Supplementation… 8

Symptomatic… 8

For PMS… 8

Perimenopausal… 8

Postmenopausal… 9

Dosage of Progesterone… 10

Conclusion… 12


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