28-Day Online Program


First and foremost Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing does NOT TREAT, CURE or Diagnose anything.

This is precisely how we stay out of the Big Pharma corruption that ALL people on these meds know they are not being helped only masking symptoms.

WUS is an online health publishing company that sells physical products, supplements, online intense psychotherapy programs, and lab work to prove efficacy. This is a holistic approach giving you what is missing in the mainstream.

Empowerment for your new health journey beyond your pharmacy by receiving cutting-edge education and support information. Along with health intake forms, protocols, and supplements based upon science that aids the body in cellular regeneration to start feeling more optimal.

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The 28-day online program to adjunct the supplements, education, and Ebooks is designed to alleviate long-term “endogenous” (brain-altering) depression which most don’t even know they have. Our medical cartel does not even define and diagnose depression properly.

  • A Money-Back Guarantee
  • A Health Intake form reviewed by Scott and the Dr.
  • Discounts on Pulling Blood Work
  • Meetings with doctors – QA (Affiliate Program)