Natural Cures for Depression

Natural Cures for Depression

It’s hard to believe that we are exactly two years into the pandemic of Covid mania, yet the biggest socio-economic problem that has been stripping America at its roots has been overlooked and misdiagnosed for decades.  Depression and anxiety have to be stopped and we are on the cutting edge of delivering the answers.  Natural cures for depression are among us now and it is up to all of us to spread the word.

Isn’t it interesting how god forbid we have a heart attack, cancer, or some other life-threatening health issue that our family and friends rally around us, but when the word depression is mentioned, it’s like a death sentence to stay in your house permanently?

When I was suffering all those years ago, I had no idea just how many were suffering in silence but the CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) estimates that well over 340 million people deal with depressive symptoms each year. After all, everyone walking the face of the earth experiences “situational” depression with job loss, divorce, struggles with family, teen issues, or simply just having a bad day.

Natural Cures for Depression

But what most do not realize is that “endogenous” depression has taken over, manifesting a change in the actual biochemistry of the brain.  A large chunk of our society now is walking around with severely diminished brain capacity with brain fog, fatigue, and melancholy thoughts daily.Phone a freind

There is a natural cure for depression and it must come to light in the 21st century with all the extra stressors we all deal with.  All the covid-19 pandemic did was to put more sheep in the pen sort of speak with most people looking to the government to save them or create a magic cure for this deadly disease. We must begin to look internally and more holistically when it comes to our health.  Alternative medicine therapies and building your immune system are by far the best defense against any virus.


B vitamins, chelated with methyl folate (in the form of folic acid) for instance, and build the heart muscle with other key ingredients like Magnesium and Zinc.  Another way to build your immune system for natural healing is with Vit D (chelated with K2) and Vitamin C (liposomal for absorption) and drinking ½ of your body weight in water daily.

Natural cures for depression are not just about supplements and nutrients.  Did you know that most of the population has no idea how to breathe?  It’s true, most breathe upper thoracic (in the throat), not from the diaphragm and stomach which is where most of the oxygen takes place.

Energy Suckers

SkinAnother big area that most ignore is the people that you allow into your life.  Do you have “energy suckers” in your life?  We all do and it takes a lot of our mental energy to keep the drama at bay with some people.  I know for me, I had to eliminate some people from my life and set some boundaries with my own family when I started to empower myself with health knowledge beyond pharmaceutical drugs.

In Conclusion

Good health starts with you.  It starts with knowing that the medical cartel and Big Pharma are NOT here to help or heal you.  Yes, there are times and a place for doctors and a pharmacy but not concerning your mental well-being.  There are so many more good options to naturally cure your depression and anxiety.

Make a checklist of things to do for your mental health just like you would approach any other goal or your work habits.  Great mental health is built over time and is a process, not an event!

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, please contact SAMHSA
Substance abuse and Mental Health Administration. Or feel free to contact WUS directly by email at or if you think it is an emergency dial 911

Good times