Life Without Depression


Depression – As we start the new year off in 2022, most are rehashing the same old new years resolutions.  Losing weight, eating better, less drinking, and saving more money is at the top of the elusive to-do list for the coming 365 days.

Do you know why 77% of all New Years Resolutions fail within the first 3 months of making that list?

In short, our thoughts determine our actions, our actions determine our outcomes and our outcomes determine our future mental mindset to accomplish anything.  Most are not willing to look at their deficiencies BEFORE they decide on a resolution to make sure of what the desired outcome is.Sun filled life

From first-hand experience, I can tell you there is nothing more empowering over all of the other aforementioned resolutions than living a new life without depression. We are all still living in this benumbed figure eight of emotions and reactions (unwarranted) to a pandemic that has caused a lot of isolation and mistrust with our current big government paradigm.


No one knows what to believe anymore with buzz words sensationalized all over the media.  Variances, Omicron, boosters, fictitious covid numbers, to name just a few have altered our ability to trust reality.

Depression and anxiety were crippling America long before Covid mania struck, but it seems now that social unrest has taken over as the mental mindset for most people.

Can’t you just feel it? From ordering a coffee at Starbucks to waiting in line at the grocery store, most people have developed ADHD on steroids. Impatience is at an all-time high, hyper-inflation has caused most people to enter into debilitating debt just to survive and divisive actions of the human race are the new normal.

The Difficulty

Whatever happened to “love thy neighbor as you love yourself”?   Doesn’t seem to apply anymore. It’s becoming very difficult for most to see a life without depression.  But depression is nothing more at its very core of internalized fear, anger, or both and it can and is being managed properly without medications.
Life is Good

We all have depression and anxiety at some point in our lives.  It’s just the way it is.  Job loss, divorce, family issues, and money problems can have adverse effects on our mental state leading to situational depression.

If we have tools and resources to deal with the situation, it can be eradicated fairly quickly but unfortunately, because of the Big Pharma drugging machine, finding actual truth in healing has become very difficult.

In Conclusion

But there is a whole new paradigm (that is not new but has been repressed by a big government) of health information and awareness that has been building and is now ready for critical mass.

Orthomolecular science (nutritional cellular healing) has been around for decades, and was until now, only for the wealthy or affluent but thanks to Wake Up Sense holistic healing is now coming to the forefront of all-natural healing so all can now live a life without depression.

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