How to Help Someone with Depression

Depression – Most things in life when it comes to giving or receiving help are straightforward and the law of reciprocity takes over. But what happens when your loved ones, business colleagues, friends, and associates are simply clueless about the type of help you need?

Depression has gone on too long

This is exactly the case when it pertains to how to help someone with depression. This pandemic has been going on for decades now and our only answer (that is mainstream) has been toxic benzodiazepines or SSRI’s. As I learned through my journey to get rid of anxiety and depression, there has to be more to the answer line than drugs. I found my holistic pathway after a lot of research, documentation, and interviewing of brilliant, alternative medicine doctors.Soul Search The body and mind as I found are as interwoven as a tapestry of art or a hand-made blanket. The emotional scars we have, along with the suppressed feelings of despair, anger and fear can control our every move emotionally if we allow it.

All the answers are here

I found the best answers on how to help someone with depression were diet, supplementation (with science-backed products), and online breathing and writing exercises that retrain the brain neuropathways. It can sound daunting at first look, but neuropathways are formed when our brains become locked in on a subject matter. A painful memory from the past, a repressed memory, or something that has been too emotional to deal with handcuffs or emotional intelligence to heal. I remember like it was yesterday when my dad passed away, I thought I was losing my mind. My neuropathways were only focused on the pain and anguish I was feeling, not on healing. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep and I could not understand anything beyond breathing through a day.

You don’t need to stay stuck

Unfortunately, this has become the norm for a lot of people today dealing with endogenous depression (permanent change in the biochemistry in their brain) and anxiety. They are locked into thoughts and emotions that are no longer serving them and they cannot function properly, let alone themselves help someone with depression. Be YourselfTension myositis syndrome is the blockage of neuropathways to the brain that are manifesting in our body as pain. This is as common as the sunshine, but no western medicine doctors truly understand this phenomenon. Wake Up Sense does. We practice this powerful program online to reset the brain chemistry to begin to heal one step at a time. Along with our cutting-edge supplementation and Q+A with our helpful, holistic doctors on our Board, we can start to eliminate those triggers and past anxiety attacks.  

In Conclusion

Wake Up Sense was built on the premise of all-natural healing beyond the pharmacy. The empowered tribe we have built with actual people who found us online and who’ve spoken out about our products and services we are very proud of. So Contact us today at Contact Us or call us at 801.564.1167 Learn more about depression at WebMD