Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness – Have you ever wondered why there is so much information out there about dieting? Or have you ever wondered why there is a new drug being introduced almost nightly on the 5 pm news? And have you ever wondered why the obesity rate is at an all-time high?

It seems so hard to figure out but it’s very simple. The medical system as we know it today has no idea about what health and wellness “really” is.

In my suffering years (depression and anxiety), I was uneducated about food, diets, and nutrition as a whole.

Feed the Body

I had no idea what it meant to feed the body what it needs, only to feed the body to live.

When I began to learn about concepts like synergistic supplements, eating for your blood type with whole food nutrient logic, I realized how none of this was mainstream. Why?diet foods

In short, the multi-billion dollar “diet” industry is built upon false assumptions, fads, and new gimmicks to trick the consumer into their “ah-hah” moment has arrived. None of it is science or actual physiology of the body.

The conglomerate Big Pharma business is even trickier with their ad budgets that never seem to end.

Health and Wellness

If you can take a new pain, symptom, mental health issue and “package” it into a new disease and create a drug (synthesized in a lab- not in science) surrounding it and sprinkle in a little hype around it and fancy images of happy families, well you have a dynamic, money printing machine.

Do you remember the 90’s when we thought we had the answer for the beer bellies and flab hanging around our waistlines? Of course, this was the invention of “diet soda” and “low fat” boxed and packaged goodies. This had to solve the problem of overweight people?


I have news for you, diet soda was one of the biggest myths of solving obesity. All it did was introduce a new pandemic of aspartame, which is nothing more than a derivative of speed and changes the biochemistry in the brain.

The mainstream today is so far off when it comes to optimal health and wellness that it can be a crap-shoot to even know where to start. But again, like most things in life, it’s pretty straightforward but gets lost in the sea of advertisements to confuse and sell gimmicks.

About Food

First of all, ask yourself this question. Do you eat to live, or live to eat? Father time is undefeated and if we live our entire lives “living to eat” with no regard for actual nutrition that feeds our body, it’s a recipe for disaster and disease. Second, it’s been estimated that 68% of Americans are walking around in a pre-diabetic state. Sugar is toxic in large amounts. Period. There is no grey area here. Eliminate refined sugars. Choose stevia soda (it does NOT raise your blood sugar on the glycemic index), cook with xylitol, use honey. It will save your life.

Third, learn how to deep breathe. 87% of Americans are never taught HOW to breathe. They are only breathing upper thoracic (above the throat) which does NOT engage your diaphragm and heart muscle properly.

Wrap Up

Lastly, drink half your body weight in ounces with pure water daily (reverse osmosis is best) and exercise. Again, this is NOT a suggestion, it’s a must for longevity. You change your oil every 3,000 miles, I’m sure. When is the last time you detoxified your liver?

Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing will guide you in your health and wellness path.

Eat and be well
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