Foods that Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Deppression
Anxiety and Depression – I would bet that 90% of Americans have no idea who coined the phrase “Let Food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” The famous Greek physician Hippocrates died well over 2400 years ago with this famous quote in his coffin with him.  I do wonder, how could such a brilliant man be so forgotten with his work?
I’m sure if he saw the commercialization and toxicity in our food today, he would be rolling over in his grave. There is food that will reduce anxiety and depression, but I’m sure you will never hear about them on CNN or Fox TV.

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When I started my research on food additives (well over 14 years ago now), I was shocked at how badly they affect our overall health and immune system.  Rampant, cellular inflammation has become an epidemic with most of our packaged (lazy food) and boxed food containing GMO (genetically modified organisms) to keep fresh longer. What I found out as I dug deeper into the health and nutrition quandary, was some foods could reduce depression and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and it is off the charts high in our bodies when we do not consume the foods that reduce anxiety and depression. Here is a list of the main culprits adding to our heightened stress levels (a direct precursor to depression) -Too many carbohydrates (they should mainly come from vegetables, and NOT chips and crackers) – sugar (acts like speed in your system) (try stevia instead or xylitol) *this does not raise your blood sugar on the glycemic index. – soy ( the body cannot break it down properly) – high fructose corn syrup and aspartame (the two nasties in all soda except Stevia soda) On the other hand, the foods that can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms are: Walnuts, beets, coconut oil, grass-fed beef, cruciferous vegetables, quinoa, kale, ginger, garlic, and curry.

Anxiety and Depression

These are just a few examples, but the key is to start examining food as medicine. Most people eat to be eating, bored, depressed, or simply cannot walk past the fridge without grabbing something.  Like smoking or any other habit, it’s a habit that must be broken to heal.  Your stomach will growl and tell you when it’s time to eat, not your head. I always say food is fuel, and are the building blocks and foundation that the cells of your body must have to have optimal output.  Your body and mind are connected, and if you feed the body junk, your output will be junk. If you feed the body what it needs, your mental and physical output will be optimal energy and a lust for life again.

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Lastly, foods that reduce anxiety and depression are not found in Maverick or a 7-11, they are made with your hands from fresh, organic real food. Do not waste time learning more. Contact Wake Up Sense directly by emailing, Click Here, or call us today at 801.564.1167 or The answer to anxiety and depression is in the foods you eat. For more info contact the CDC