Finding Peace… settle your mind

Finding Peace

Ways to find peace – As we enter into 2022, to say the world has lost its way is a bit of an understatement.  Mass pandemics, social unrest, distrust of big government oppression, and ignorance of the most credible document ever written (that being the US Constitution) have disjointed and separated people forever.

But in the midst of all of this, there is one thing that can never be stripped from our beating hearts and souls and that is our spirit and ways to finding peace from within.

If you remember the movie “Lock-up” with Sylvester Stallone, whereby he’s falsely incarcerated, beaten, and pushed to the mental limits any human being should endure.  There is a scene where the warden has been pushing his harsh ways for days with corruption, coercion, and forceful hurt.  He walks by Stallone’s cell for the 5th time and asks him if he’s ready to concede.  Stallone looks him right in the eye and without hesitation replies, “you won’t break me”.  Now that is what we all need right now.  An unwavering spirit, that no matter what happens, the social injustices going on right now will NOT break the American spirit within all of us.

Finding Peace

Most look to drugs, alcohol, or their social misfits to try and find the peace we all yearn for, but shouldn’t we be looking internally first?

All we need is within us. Remember when you were a kid you were born innately to ask questions, explore other avenues of learning and always be inquisitive and ask the questions of those relentless three-year-old kids- WHY! Why is all of this happening in the land of the free and what ways do we have to find peace anymore?

Shut off TVconnect with god

First, shut off your TV. If nothing else, at least the news. Bachelor and Sister wives can provide some entertainment so those are probably ok but if you are watching CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC or CBS you are jaded to the truth.  Period.

Second, eliminate the energy suckers in your life.  Yes, you heard me right.  Parents, siblings, soul-sucking friends, and or relatives.  If they aren’t serving you in some way in a symbiotic relationship then get rid of them.  No, I’m not saying don’t ever talk to your mom again, but really, who’s life are you living? Have the gut and the inner strength of character to lay the ground rules with in-laws, parents, and controlling friends that try and suck your soul.  You know who they are.


If people truly love you and want the best for you, then they won’t judge, interrogate or expect you to jump at their every whim anymore.  Way too many co-dependent relationships have come out of this covid pandemic, just releasing people who had already lived in fear and now have an excuse to look for some government corruption or control or some entity to save them. I have always found the best way to break away from old habits that are not serving you is to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “does this relationship enhance my well-being overall or take away from it?”.

This can apply to spouses, family, in-laws, or anyone you deem necessary where you find a lot of time is spent in drama, thinking too much or being co-dependent on their actions, and living your life reactionary instead of proactive.  I have found always in my life the best way to find some peace is to start with you.  What have you allowed in your life that is not serving you?

In Conclusion

What circumstances, insecurities, or my lack of knowledge has allowed me to keep beating my head against a mental shattering wall when all I need to do to release is have the inner strength to say no more!

At Wake-Up Sense, our forums, interviews with Holistic Healers, and webinars are a key component to building a life worth living in 2022 and beyond, and your one of your ways to finding peace.

Find peace