Drugs and Alcohol … not the answer

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol – There is a phenomenon that has gone on for several years yet seems to be so misunderstood, sensationalized, and confusing to the common good of society. We all have our vices and our crutches that we look to when situations get too tough to handle in our everyday lives. Coffee, lattes in the morning, carbohydrate overload in the afternoon, and more often than not, drugs and alcohol dominate the vice of choice in the evenings and on the weekends.

With so many other healthy options for our body and mind, why do so many choose chemically altering the brain and body with these two choices?  Now let’s be clear, recreational usage of both of these has gone on since the beginning of time, so it’s not abnormal or a stigma-altering sign of humanity to have an occasional drink.

But what we have seen is a paradigmatic shift in the usage, frequency, potency, and longevity of these drugs over time.  Why? We are living in different times.  Stress is higher, texting has become the new communication tool, pandemics and epidemics are as common as a morning bowel movement, and everyone seems to want to be medicated to cope.

We live in a new society of instant gratification with “just google it” the answer for everything.Fight addiction

I remember like it was yesterday the program I paid to use to get off of my mental health medications was specifically designed also for withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.  The bottom line is that long-term usage of these can damage the endocrine system, our hormones and cause severe, acute inflammation in the brain. At this stage, what is called endogenous depression has set in and it has chemically altered the brain permanently.  No amount of Big Pharma benzodiazepines or SSRIs is going to help once this happens.  They will only mask symptoms and cause more over time.

Drugs and Alcohol

The onslaught of overmedicating begins with a cocktail of new pharma drugs to take care of that symptom and that next symptom.

Before you know it, your life has become a regimen of a one-unit Monday-Sunday pill-box you can’t forget before you leave the house or go on vacation.

There are other good choices out there to combat depression, anxiety, and stress and you can still go out for an occasional drink (yes alcohol is a drug) to augment your coping mechanisms. Deep breathing, yoga, and meditation are the most common to help slow down your heart rate, increase your feel-good hormones, endorphins and neurotransmitters.

Other Options

If you are not sexually active, this is a must.  It has been proven over and over since Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs that sexual stimulation is the #1 tool for combatting depression, lowering the risk for heart disease, prostate cancer, and strokes.  When you are pent up, your body and mind work in unison to suppress or internalize the negative feelings of being non-orgasmic.

This leads to a rise in cortisol, an anger hormone in men and so prevalent in women who are suffering in silence from menopause, post-partum depression or suppressed childhood trauma.

In Conclusion

This pattern can be so easily solved by the aforementioned tools and Wake Up Sense supplementation and programs.  There is a distinct history of testimonials to help alleviate these patterns and once and for all break the stigma of drugs and alcohol on societal norming.

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