Can you deal with Anxiety


Anxiety – There are times in life that are pretty easy to figure out how to navigate. Growing up we all adapt pretty well to the ebbs and flows of school, friendships, and the inevitable growing pains mentally and physically.

You don’t know what you don’t know

But I would bet as you grew up there weren’t too many people equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with anxiety right? My first anxiety attack was over 14 years ago now, but trust me it’s NOT an experience you forget.

Your body shakes, tremors, and the walls feel like they are closing in. It’s an out-of-body experience of sorts where you are not coherent at that moment. Your thoughts at the time are at that moment are 100% in a parasympathetic state of survival and fight, not in a relaxed, calm state.shaking

Anxiety is one of those experiences that no one can explain or detail to you until you’ve gone through it yourself. Looking back now, I realized just how bad I had gotten with depression and anxiety symptoms and I finally realized this state of being was over my head and I had no idea how to properly deal with anxiety to heal.

Beat Anxiety Naturally

All the medications prescribed, all the doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists were not the answer. Yes, some of them helped at least encouraging me to talk about what I was suppressing as anger and fear. There was an element of calm for a time after I talked out some of my issues, but the pain and overall state of mind I was in were not going away without some deep, introspective work.

I also needed to heal my body first through a lot of diet changes, deep breathing exercises, and the overall mind/body connection. As esoteric and strange as it sounded at the time, the very famous book, “The body keeps the score” was dead on with what I was manifesting in my body. The mind and body connection has been studied, researched, and documented for years with the works of Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Howard Schubiner (board-certified in internal medicine). As I went through these programs with writing exercises, breathing the proper way, and learning how to express myself, I realized how powerful the mind/body connection is to our mental health.

It was a transformational exercise for my body and mind to physically feel what was happening in my body as I was dealing with my mental state simultaneously. There was no mistaking that the body was manifesting everything the mind was suppressing.

In Conclusion

toolsI was finally learning tools and exercises to deal with anxiety and depression properly and without toxic medications.

Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing was born out of the will to live beyond a pharmacy. It was my way of fighting deep, dark depression before I found cutting-edge supplements based on science and the online mind/body connection program. I was not living a life, I was living an existence of survival.

I encourage everyone now to research, study and find the truth from our site. There is another way to live happy, healthy, and empowered about your health!

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