Jeff Schreiber

Everyone who has experienced the depths of depression has their own story that is unique in some way. Yet more and more I hear common elements in the stories that people are willing to come out of the shadows and share particularly among men my age.

I’m a successful career executive with a major financial company, married for over 20 years to a wonderful wife and we have two great teenage kids. In 2013 my company began going through a major transformation that required heavy regulatory scrutiny and the stress levels related to my job, which had always been fairly high to begin with, started going through the roof. I’ve always prided myself on staying physically active and fit — I was a football quarterback in college and have become a triathlon enthusiast in recent years, and I always thought that physical strength and mental discipline helped enable me to push through and soldier on under pressure.

But as the expectations, deadlines and hours mounted, I found myself starting to sink into a quicksand physically, mentally and emotionally. I stopped sleeping — nearly completely — for several months, no matter what I tried. I lost over a quarter of my body weight despite being at a thin healthy weight to begin with and maintaining my normal diet. The harder and longer I worked, the less I got accomplished; my brain would freeze trying to accomplish the simplest tasks. Finally I experienced a severe panic attack and collapsed at the office. All the tests in the ER came back clear, and I had to come to grips with the fact that I was experiencing what was diagnosed as a depressive anxiety disorder.

I was granted a few days off from work, which eventually turned into a leave of absence that stretched out to four months, and I began taking prescribed dosages of SSRI antidepressant medications. Things did not improve for many weeks, and the only answer my well-meaning doctor had was to increase dosages and types of drugs to treat the sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. Pretty soon my days were spent in a drug-induced fog trying just to manage medications and unwanted side effects. It was miserable.

With the support of my family and psychiatrist, I kept up my exercise activity, balanced diet and introduced behavioral therapy into my routine. Along this journey back to health I discovered and I can tell you definitively that their natural products and service helped me turn the corner and enabled me to gradually, and successfully, wean off antidepressants altogether to reclaim my life of mental clarity and physical well-being.

Furthermore, having had the opportunity to meet and interact with Scott Lifer and his WakeUpSense team, I can also say that they are about more than just selling a product — they are on a personal mission to help people’s lives with a set of effective natural alternatives to what is heavily marketed by the pharmaceutical industry.

My hope is that my story will encourage more people who are struggling with depression, and their loved ones and doctors, to become aware of WakeUpSense, research it and incorporate it into an overall treatment regimen to regain health and well-being, naturally.
To your health,
Jeff Schreiber