Anita Valdes Whitten

I can’t stress enough to all my friends, male and female, what a wonderful product this Natural Progesterone cream is. On a scale of 1 to ten is a 50 and the personal consultant service is on a scale of 500. This product is so vital to all of us suffering from hormone imbalances both men and women it is a must that you read up on progesterone imbalance and see all the side effects it causes.
Reflux to hot flashes and depression.

Scott Lifer has been personally consulting with me on how to get help with this all natural product. He’s a gift of a person.

Go to his Facebook page or better yet to Amazon read the reviews!
Please, MOST DOCTORS dismiss our issues or prescribe synthetic POISON to mask our problem and thereby creating new ones.

I will add a photo of what to look for in Amazon. Please please do your investigation on symptoms that you are having it might well be a Progesterone imbalance.