Recovery From Depression


Depression – Back in 2007, I was on 4 classes of major depressive drugs.  2 Benzodiazepines and 2 SSRIs, which are the two classifications of depression and anxiety drugs that Big Pharma has been handing out like candy on Halloween for years.


Looking back on it now, I realize just how dangerous those drugs were, not only for the damage to my vital organs, the suicidal thoughts that came with them but also from a psychosomatic vein where I literally convinced myself just by popping them in my mouth (like an addict to a cigarette) I was going to heal.

My recovery from depression was the single biggest gift I gave myself outside of my 3 kids.

I’m not going to say it was easy, but when you start to empower yourself with knowledge and information that has always been out there (just buried deep within our medical system), you can live a different life beyond your pharmacy.feeling alone

Depression drugs made in a lab do not heal, they mask symptoms.  Yes, you may feel better for a short period, just like I did, but eventually, your body builds up tolerances to the actual drug crossing into your brain, hence endogenous depression (permanent changes to your brains biochemistry) and you will eventually deal with all kinds of debilitating side effects of those drugs that are worse than the reason you started taking them in the first place.

Depression & Recovering

Orthomolecular, all-natural healing compounds, on the other hand, feed the cells of the body what it’s void of and can help you restore your body’s own natural ability to fight off toxins that have led to your depression and anxiety.

Happy womanDon’t get lost in the fancy words, stick with me.  Orthomolecular science is simply the study and application that has been around for hundreds of years identifying nutrients that penetrate the cells of your body.  For instance, B vitamins, combined with methyl folate (in the form of folic acid) can restore your natural serotonin (feel-good hormone) levels that have been damaged over time.

You see, my recovery from depression (and you can too) wasn’t so much about taking more pills, it was more about taking the “right”, synergistic healing formulas.  Think of it like this.  Gas is great right?  Well gas by itself doesn’t necessarily ruin your car.   What do you need to power the car properly to get you from A to B?  Yes, you need oil.  Gas and oil work synergistically to make sure your vehicle runs optimally.  Voila.  You now know how I healed my depression.

Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing, using orthomolecular science-backed products, along with cutting edge online intense psychotherapy is that missing piece to the puzzle of mental health that Big Pharma has been missing for years.

No, it’s not some magical pill.  We don’t use ads on 6 pm news TV to show you pictures of happy families after popping benzo.  We rely upon the truth in healing, which simply means your body needs fuel.  It requires constant B vitamins, but in the right forms.  Then it may require releasing the negative patterns in your brain that have led to depressive thoughts.  Finally thinking outside your normal means of your prescriptions drugs will only push you to lean towards more toxic drugs to deal with the onset of side effects.

Wrap Up

If you empower yourself with knowledge on our site, listen to the countless testimonials and follow the protocol, you can finally live a life beyond your pharmacy.

Contact us. To listen to our story (our mission to empower), start to empower yourself outside the medical mainstream and you will soon see there is hope. Or visit WebMD to learn a little more about recovering from Depression.

You can recover from depression